Warhol in Pittsburgh

The woman in the Visitor Information Centre who very kindly opened up early when she saw us waiting outside to pick up a map of the city, thought we were Australian. Another warm day and it was time for some culture so we walked across the Andy Warhol Bridge to the museum. The downtown area seems to have been renovated since my last visit several years ago.

View from Andy Warhol Bridge 1 Pittsburg 28 June 2016-1
Waiting for the museum to open I spotted an American Robin feeding in the bushes alongside the river but did not have time to photograph him before he disappeared from site. Canada geese were on the river and we saw a rabbit on the grass. There appears to be plenty of wildlife in central Pittsburgh.
Foyer Warhol Museum Pittsburg 28 June 2016-1
The museum is well worth a visit, especially on a weekday morning when it was very quiet. I learnt a lot I did not know about his early life, his love of taxidermy (there is a lion and a Great Dane in the museum) and his hoarding of objects in time capsules. Starting on the seventh floor, you descend in chronological order through his work in a variety of media including painting, photography, film and other installations.
Installation Warhol Museum Pittsburg 28 June 2016-1
The museum also has work by Ai WeiWei, some of which I have seen before in the UK but others that I had not.
Installation Ai WeiWei Warhol Museum Pittsburg 28 June 2016-1
Afterwards we sat in the market area with a cold drink watching the world go by. Now it’s time to plan the route out of the city and into the next state tomorrow.

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