St Louis, Missouri

Route 66 has taken various routes through the city over the years but it used to cross the Mississippi on the Chain of Rocks Bridge for a 5 cents toll. The bridge has not been used for motor traffic for several years but is now open to foot traffic and cyclists. We walked part of the way over and you can also take the Riverside Trail back into town but we are still in the midst of a heatwave so we wimped out and drove. This road was part of R66 at one point. Downtown we visited the Jefferson Memorial Gateway Arch and rode the tram to the top. The windows are very small and scratched so not ideal for photography. Took some photos outside as it is a fantasticshape. Inside is the Museum of Western Expansion which makes a token attempt to get the Native American viewpoint on this; given that their land, animals that fed, clothed and housed them and much of their culture was taken from them.

We then took a river cruise as having crossed the Mississippi by train and road, it was time to get on it. I am now trying to remember the names of all the bridges. Relaxing in our hotel this evening as we have over 200 miles to do tomorrow.

Chain of Rocks BridgeGateway Arch 1IMG_0007Gateway Arch 2