Aquitaine: Parc Ornithologique du Teich

Today with another blue sky and sunshine, we visited the Parc Ornithologique du Teich. We were last here in 2014 in August so this was our first September visit. Our friend dropped off at a nearby station and just like home, ended up on a rail replacement bus. At the reserve, were surprised to get a discount as RSPB members, despite not having brought our membership cards. Most of the storks seen on our previous visit had now abandoned their nests and left, apart from a few stragglers.
There were a few turtles in the ponds near the entrance and this one was quite well camouflaged.
We walked around the whole reserve, picnicking en route and stopping at most of the hides. There were some serious bird photographers with tons of kit but I just strolled along looking at all the birds.
This sign appeared to be attempting to appeal to our Australasian friends.
The day turned out to have been hotter than forecast so after stocking up for the evening meal we headed back to the house to cool off.

In and out of town

The weather today promised to be dry until at least 11pm. As we wandered out after breakfast it was sunnier than forecast and the beach promenade was in full swing again. On the pavement was a slug marooned, who seemed to be thinking ‘where has all the water gone?’ There was on trader selling loom bands but no others and no buskers. After a coffee, I purchased some very nice chocolates for a friend’s birthday and at one of the few hippy-esque stalls (dream-catchers etc) I bought a long-sleeved light-weight dress that will go over leggings or trousers in places like Iran where women covering up is essential. On the way back to the apartment I spotted an illuminated sign ‘Saint Roch’ which I just had to photograph to send to someone I know called Roch.
Teasels Parc Ornithologique du Teich 27 Aug 2014 (1 of 1)
After lunch and a rest we headed out along the coast road through the many communities around the bay to the Parc Ornithologique du Teich. It was a relief to be among nature after a few days in town. I was testing out my new telephoto lens and many of the birds are familiar. The tide was coming in and the sun sinking lower by the time we left.
Little Egret Parc Ornithologue du Teich 27 Aug 2014_edited-1