Around Australia: into Western Australia

We had planned to have a slightly later start as Kununurra is only 140 miles from Timber Creek and we gain 1.5 hours with the time difference. However, the family in the room next to ours got up very early and very noisily so once we were up and breakfasted, decided to head off. Just west of Timber Creek are outlooks over the town and the Victoria River. Some are orientated west and east so that you can observe sunset and sunrise. I was just happy to have an elevated view after many miles of flat bush.

Baobab trees began to appear amongst the vegetation and we saw a couple of flocks of white cockatoos and one tree with larger black parrots on it. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to stop safely for photography as we were in the midst of yet more roadworks. This is another section of Highway One which is being upgraded along with some new bridges over the Victoria River. As we headed towards the border with Western Australia, the Pinkerton Range was on our right. Further on sandstone escarpments emerged.

At the border, we had no problems with the quarantine check as I had downloaded the customs document before I left and kept it on my laptop. It has some very helpful tables for each border crossing about what can and cannot be transported.

A little further on we passed Mount Hensman. Crossing a creek called Golden Gate Creek made me briefly think that that in the surrounding landscape I could be in California. At Kununurra we stocked up on supplies and fuel before driving down to Lily Lagoon, part of the Ord River system. I saw a few birds.

A Comb-Crested Jacana on the lily pads

A Straw-necked Ibis

A Masked Lapwing

and some raptors still to be identified in a tree. Too far away to photograph, a pelican landed on the water and other birds were fishing. A couple of boats cruised past, there were other boat ramps on the shore and fishing huts on the water, so I I suspect it can be much busier at times. We had hoped to have our lunch on a viewpoint by the river but it was being upgraded so we moved to another spot beside the lagoon for our picnic before checking into our hotel. We had driven 156 miles bringing the trip total to 5,106.