A train journey, buses and a cherry tree

At the station early this morning I achieved a first. There were two trainspotters, complete with camera and tripod photographing the to me quite unremarkable train that left the platform opposite mine. They were under 30. However, once we got to Preston, the only trainspotter there was well over 70 and had only a little black notebook. I have yet to see a female trainspotter. There had been a small amount of fog north of Crewe and it made me wonder whether the haar would in once I got to Edinburgh. Happily, the rest of the journey was under a blue sky and there were many signs of spring including lambs in the fields of Cumbria and the southern uplands with a black sheep and twin black lambs near Carstairs junction. Rooks were busy building and renovating nests in the still leafless trees. There were still two small patches of snow on the upper slopes of Tinto. It was sunny when I got to Waverley and I was keen to get up to the flat to photograph the cherry tree in sun. Into Edinburgh had a photograph of it on their Facebook page a couple of days ago, which reminded me that it was in bloom. I walked through the gardens to get to my bus stop at the foot of the Mound and there is a major re-turfing project going on there. I got to the bus stop and noticed that the number 41 was not listed on the screen. A quick check of the Edinburgh bus app revealed that the diversion via Waverley Bridge had ceased at 03.49 so what was happening? I had resigned myself to having to get the 23 and walk a bit further when the 41 appeared after all. The tree was photographed before the wind increased and the petals started falling off.

Cherry tree Monkwood Court 1 (1 of 1)Cherry tree Monkwood Court 2 (1 of 1)