Under a full moon

On Friday, I emerged from the second hand bookshop after a couple hours of loading books on for internet sales, thinking how ironic it was that an Amazon-avoider like myself was now selling books on their marketplace (albeit for a charity). It was great to see blue sky and sunshine outside. Back home to to pick up James and the dog and then we hit the road. Before the motorway I got a quick look at it and could see there were major problems so we diverted on to the A50 and crossed the Warburton Bridge, paying the 12p toll.The cantilever bridge reminded me of some of those we crossed on Route 66. Back on the M6 and south of the Ribble, there was a huge black cloud and heavy rain, but a rainbow over to the right, promising better. Its promise was kept as by the time we reached Cumbria the sun was out again and the hills glowed in fantastic winter colours. Despite it being December, there was still no snow to be seen on any of the hills we passed. Approaching Beattock, there were frequent signs warning of snow on Sunday so we will wait and see. On the A702 there was a full moon hanging in the sky heralding a change in the weather but no problems this afternoon and we arrived without any problems.
Full moon A702 1 (1 of 1)
Today we endured the inevitable crowds in town for some essential (a book fair) and some Christmas shopping, fortified by a coffee in Valvona and Crolla, one of my favourite shops. A lighter moment was spotting the latest mural by St John’s Church.
St Johns Mural