Street Art in Liverpool

Various friends have been posting their plans for Lent on social media. I have been wondering what I will give up/do and was pondering this while walking back down to Lime Street Station after a meeting at the hospital. There has been a vacant plot of land on Leece Street for quite a while and various hoardings in place. Today, building work was under way and the new hoardings were decorated with some fantastic street art.

Street Art 1 Liverpool 4 Feb 2016 (1 of 1)

Street Art 2 Liverpool 4 Feb 2016 (1 of 1)

Street Art 3 Liverpool 4 Feb 2016 (1 of 1)

I could not get a straight on shot or I would have been mown down by the traffic. By the time I reached home I had decided that for Lent I will pledge to walk at least five miles each day. My last depressive episode which began in the early summer left me with little motivation to exercise and it is something I need to get back to. Hopefully most of my walks will be outdoors but bad weather or darkness might mean some are on the cross trainer in the garage. Hopefully the weather will improve and the days are getting longer. Today I did 5.6 miles just doing what had to be done in the city.

One thought on “Street Art in Liverpool

  1. Please don’t ever risk your life for a shot! 😉 These were great and the angle from which you shot them worked out just fine, especially with the first photo.

    I admire your pledge to walk five miles a day & that’s great you did 5.6 miles in the city. I love walking in the redwoods here, although safety from humans (and pumas) are a concern. I carry a cell phone & pepper spray.

    I’m sorry you suffered with depression during the early part of summer. I know that consistent walking will be such a help for mood. I used to be an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, so I can’t help but ramble on about how powerful walking & other cardio exercises are for all kinds of maladies, and of course my bipolar disorder.

    I love my elliptical, but I fell off the wagon when I was ill in Lake Tahoe with the horrid cough. You’re inspiring me to get back on it!)

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