Iceland Ring Road: watery wonders

The waterfall Goðafoss on the glacial river Skjálfandafljót is just off the Ring Road. Goðafoss means ‘waterfall of the gods’ and is 12m high and 30m wide.
There is a path and lookouts all around it providing a good view of the waterfall and the surrounding landscape.
There are some interesting rock formations on the river bank…….
and clearly a lot of iron in these rocks.
From Goðafoss we continued on towards Lake Myvatn. The quieter marshy wetlands on the west of the lake make it a destination for migrating birds from Northern Europe (particularly ducks) in the warmer months. Its name means ‘lake of midges’ so be warned if you come in summer and bring your insect repellent. We had an icy walk in a birch forest (the crampons and walking poles came out for the first time) and got some good views of the lake which has a lot of lava pillars in it.
There are plenty of icy areas.
In fact you could spend days wandering around the lake in different light conditions taking photographs.
Eventually it was time for us to head for our hotel, arriving when it was too dark to explore the pseudocraters just across the road.

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