A journey to the past

Despite living in the village for almost 22 years, I had not been to the annual vintage rally before. I come from a long line of mechanical engineers who have worked on trains, boats, planes, cars and buses and have vague memories of family visits to traction engine rallies with my grandfather when I was very small but we have often been away when the rally takes place. We have even had traction engine breakdowns outside the house before. Here is one from 2009:
2009 May 31 254
This year, we were spending the weekend at home, had a friend who loves all things vintage visiting and with good weather forecast, decided to venture out. It is around a mile away so we wandered over late morning. There were static engines of various sorts and cars, trucks, at least one bus, with a tractor-pulling competition and dancing diggers scheduled over the weekend. A local brass band serenaded us while we ate lunch. There were also motorbikes and a Hurricane fly past late afternoon. With all those engines, pollution increased for a few days.
Kettle May 2016-1
MG Vintage Rally Smallwood May 2016-1
Motorcyclist May 2016-1
Yesterday we walked along to our local pub for dinner and passed some small vehicles heading back to the site after their evening meal.
Small steam  2 May 2016-1
This evening everyone is heading home with the rumble of engines all around.

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