Books and plants in London

Today was another day that began with books. On our way back to the hotel last night, we spotted a notice for the Bloomsbury Book Fair which was to take place today. It is a regular fixture but this is the first time we have coincided with it. It was quite large with numerous bookstalls and also maps, prints and ephemera. I found two books for my New Naturalist collection and one for my old Baedekers. I have to carry around a list of the volumes I have or I would be buying duplicates. We also found a 17th century map of Africa.
Books 10 Apr 2016-1
We then took the tube to Kew Gardens where we saw a small sample of what is to offer and I took some photographs which might be inspiration for abstract paintings at some point.
Kew Gardens 1 10 Apr 2016-1
Kew Gardens 3 10 Apr 2016-1
Kew Gardens 4 10 Apr 2016-1
The tulips were out, the daffodils almost over but there were some magnificent magnolias.
Kew Gardens 6 Magnolias 10 Apr 2016-1
Kew Gardens 7 Magnolia Stellata 10 Apr 2016-1
Afterwards we had a long leisurely lunch with relatives in Kew before heading back into Central London and planning for tomorrow.

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  1. I love the magnolias the most! Glad you had a good time.
    If I went to the Bloomsbury Book Fair, I’d be so overcome by all the glorious books that I’d probably need smelling salts! The organizers should consider having a smelling salts stall for the bibliophiles & cartophiles!

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