Roadworks and music

A couple of things I had to do in town added up to 4.56 miles of walking and as soon as I was finished, began to head back down south. My iPod was on shuffle and the songs appeared to be amazingly appropriate to the stage of my journey. While I was still in Scotland, battling the rain over Beattock some Runrig followed by Deacon Blue came on. Further south after crawling past the roadworks near Lancaster and nearing the end of the M61 to Manchester, it was Oasis and near the M58 to Liverpool, Elvis Costello. At the heartsink roadworks nearer home which are due to continue until December 2016, I heard the Detroit Spinners’ Working my way back to you, babe, also timely as I am know sitting back at home waiting for James to return from the airport. His plane should be landing in a few minutes’ time and I need to get ready to rehearse The Dream of Gerontius with my choir later this evening.

2 thoughts on “Roadworks and music

  1. I’m very impressed with the regular walking routine!

    Now I have “Working My Way Back to You” stuck in my head, although I’d prefer to hear your choir sing “The Dream of Gerontius”. I was in Concert Choir at university. Since I can’t hear your group, I’m listening to this instead:

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