You will see a lot of corn

‘You will see a lot of corn’ said our son when I told him about our USA coast to coast drive in June. This is true, although there are a lot of other things to see as well. We had a foretaste just in Illinois when driving Route 66 just over two years ago. At home, winter has finally arrived and as it is colder with sleet, snow and transport disruptions, I have not been very far afield in the last couple of weeks. However, I have been amassing my pre-trip reading, some of it found in the second-hand bookstore that I work in. The Great Plains have also been described as flat, dull and provincial and I remember the excitement of a bend and an incline in the railway track on the Californian Zephyr as we began to climb up towards the mountains. So I will enjoy Ian Frazier’s book ‘Great Plains’.

Great plains (1 of 1)

We will be following the tracks of earlier settlers and as I have an interest in anthropology and ethnography, these two books the first published in the 1990s and the second in 1914, have also been added to the reading list.

Native Americans 1 (1 of 1)Native Americans 2 (1 of 1)

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