Back to the big smoke, crowds and a new musical instrument

After spending the morning clearing out the home office, attempting to add a photograph of a crane fly to my natural history project collection and discovering that my camera was not working properly, it was time to head to the station. In the darker half of the year it is good to have a train journey in daylight as most are too early or late. After two days of rain the sun even started to appear from behind the clouds. The first crowd I spotted was a large flock of Canada Geese resting on the grass at the wetlands just north of Stafford. I do not know whether they are on their way further south or have decided to spend the winter there. The trees are starting to show off their best autumn colours. Friends who emigrated to Australia said that one thing they miss is autumn. All too soon I was at Euston and in the midst of the crowds of people. There were buskers on the tube and as I emerged at Oxford Circus, a guy playing an unusual musical instrument, not one I have seen before:

A new musical instrument (1 of 1)

I am now relaxing and getting ready for a busy couple of days at a conference.

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