Exhibitions and painting of a different kind

This morning I headed north to the New Town to take in two exhibitions. The first was at the Edinburgh Photographic Society but with international contributions. It was a wonderful collection of works which was very inspiring and also something I could learn from.
After that I had selected “Paperwork 2” Four artists from Edinburgh College of Art who all came to art later in life, were exhibiting new drawings, prints and paintings on paper. I spoke to one of the artists whose work based on natural forms most chimed with my own ideas (some of her works based on rock pools were very similar to what I was planning to draw from a photograph I had taken in Orkney). I look forward to having more time to explore the ideas filling my head.
When I came out it was raining and time to head back to the flat to carry on the the painting that needed doing there. I got 90% of it done and can look forward to a slightly more leisurely day tomorrow.

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