Sunshine and rain in Skerray

The forecast was rain today and rain it did. Having driven a fair distance yesterday we were quite happy to get up late and sit by the fire reading and planning some walks for later in the week.

Rain drops Skerray 31 May 2015 (1 of 1)

By early evening the rain had cleared and we ventured out to find several sheep in the road outside. As most of the sheep are fenced in here, I did wonder if they should be out but as I am away from home, have no idea who they belong to. At least there is not much traffic here.

The neighbours Skerray 31 May 2015 (1 of 1)

We wandered down to the beach for a spot of beachcombing and trying to photograph the oystercatchers we saw yesterday.

Oystercatcher Skerray 31 May 2015 (1 of 1)

The fishing boats were moored but on the other side of the harbour wall one was set up for an early start tomorrow. As the forecast is much better for tomorrow, we are hoping to be up fairly early to make the most of the good weather and walk around Torrisdale Bay.

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