Searching for the past

James has been interested in tracking his family history for some time but has hit a couple of problems: the loss of so many Irish civil records and his parents’ lack of curiosity about their origins. There are no family bibles with all the births written inside the cover which is one of the things that started me researching my family history when I was at school so other than some information gleaned online there is also some footwork to be done. We spent the morning photographing gravestones in Kilraughts and Clough so that we can cross-check with the information we have already. They don’t seem to mow their cemeteries here so we got wet feet but did find a few that seem to be his ancestors. Afer that it was coffee time so we ended up in a coffee shop in Ballymoney, aquiring a parking ticket as James didn’t know that you can’t park in the main street anymore. Now off to the bookshop to look for some local history books.

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