Cap Ferret

Yesterday evening the weather reports promised 25 degrees and no rain so it had to be the day to take the ferry over to Cap Ferret. By the time we got down to the pier, there was already a long queue at the ticket office, remarkably well-behaved and soon, tickets in hand, we ambled over to the the pier to board. The boat was busy but we got a good spot at the stern for the 30 minute crossing. The tide was out when we arrived and the oyster beds visible.
Oyster beds at low tide: Cap Ferret

As we had explored the peninsula and climbed to the top of the lighthouse on a previous trip, we headed straight over to the Ocean Beach, just under 2km away. When we arrived, the surfers were already on the waves and it was getting busy. The second world war tank traps have been wonderfully decorated.

Beach Art 3 Cap Ferret 25 Aug 2014


It was easy to spend a couple of hours relaxing on the beach, dipping toes in the ocean and beach combing. As the tide came in, covering much of the lower beach, we left and took the boat back to Arcachon. I had a siesta, James went out to hunt for dinner in the local fishmongers and we hope to be able to watch the latest Scottish Independence debate later this evening.

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