The journey north on Friday evening was slow due to very heavy traffic. The rain was also heavy but as we continued, lessened and progress become quicker. The sun was sliding down behind the clouds as we crossed the border after nine o’clock and the sky opened up with high pink clouds which seemed to promise good weather for the weekend. It was not to be but we were busy on Saturday with various tasks. On Sunday we had arranged to meet friends for coffee which turned into lunch in Stockbridge. On our way down there, we found St Bernard’s Well open. Designed by Alexander Naysmith in 1789 it only opens very occasionally and I had never been in before so that was a real treat.
St Bernard's well 1

After lunch and walking back up the hill, we saw two grey herons standing motionless in the water of Leith. On the return journey we experienced heavy rain over Beattock and Shap and as the traffic slowed just before Thelwall, diverted over the Warburton Bridge and sunshine.

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