Welcome weekend break

Since we returned from Route 66, things have been very hectic so a long weekend in London is a welcome relief from all the jobs waiting at home & work. Most of yesterday was spent in a very stimulating and enjoyable meeting at the University of Nottingham, thrashing out a research proposal. There were snow flurries outside and more on the way back to Smallwood. As soon as James returned from work and after a quick bite to eat it was time to head to Crewe for a late train. Despite all the delays on the screen, ours was thankfully on time although very crowded and we were soon installed in the very warm and comfortable Royal Society of Medicine. Today was spent ferreting about in some of my favourite bookshops down here and other interesting emporia with re-fuelling sessions in various cafes. I had hoped to combine this trip with sorting out our visas for Tanzania but they will not post date them so that will have to wait for the next time. The weather deteriorated as we were walking back so we will not be venturing too far for dinner this evening.

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