Last day in Illinois

Cornfield ILHenry's Rabbit Ranch 4Another hot day with temperatures int the 90s. Explored the centre of Springfield this morning – the Old Capitol Building and other historic landmarks; a large second hand bookshop (had to limit myself to one book because of the baggage allowance) and a vintage store with lots of musical stuff. Left town on the interstate for 5 miles and were then back on Old Route 66 through the corn and soya fields (the latter grown for biofuels). Not much else is grown around here. Had to get James’s sunglasses fixed and spotted a Walmart that had an optician inside who did the job for nothing. Resisted the temptation to add guns to the shopping trolley. On through various small communities and had lunch in the shade at park in Mount Olive. In Staunton we had to stop at Henry’s Rabbit Ranch – another eccentric along the road. He rescues abandoned rabbits, sells other R66 memorabilia and has his version of the Cadillac Ranch except his is old VW Golfs which were called rabbits in the US.  Passed the most extensive scrap yard and car graveyard I have ever seen. Mid afternoon we crossed the Mississippi on the 1926 McKinley Bridge and found our hotel. I was looking forward to cooling off in the pool but it is shut because it is September despite the heat. The Illinois State map has now been put away and tomorrow we will explore St Louis.

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